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5 Advantages of an RGB Headlight Bulb

2022-06-14 17:06:56 0

rgb headlight bulb advantage

Is there a clear advantage to buying an RGB headlight bulb? In this article, we'll cover the advantages of RGB lighting over traditional single-color bulbs. These bulbs also have many benefits, including 50,000-hour lifespans and IP67 waterproofing. Here are five advantages of RGB headlight bulbs:

50,000-hour lifespan

LED headlight bulbs are the future of vehicle illumination, thanks to their incredibly long lifespan and low energy consumption. LEDs use only a tiny amount of energy to illuminate and can last for more than 50,000 hours. LEDs are also energy-efficient, producing up to 3000 lumens of light. These features make LED's an attractive alternative to halogen headlights, which are still the most common type of headlight bulb.

The 50,000-hour lifespan of an LED headlight bulb is impressive, and this particular type has an IP68 waterproof shell, allowing them to last for more than five million hours. Unlike a typical halogen bulb, these bulbs are highly durable, too. They are incredibly bright, which is important to drivers who commute at night. The 50,000-hour lifespan of these bulbs is impressive, and they also offer a wider range of illumination than standard headlight bulbs.

IP67 waterproof

The IP67 waterproof headlights are certified by DOT for use on roads. These bulbs produce 6000K pure white light and are expected to last up to 60000 hours. They also have an aluminum metal base that enables better heat dissipation, preventing LED chips from being damaged. The new version of headlights have built-in canvas, which reduces the risk of flashing.

An IP65 LED headlight bulb is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant and can be used outdoors. Its aluminum body provides better heat dissipation, while IP67 LEDs are waterproof. Regardless of whether you're going camping or driving to work, your IP67 LED headlight bulb should have an IP65 or IP67 water-resistant rating. They are also dust-proof and shockproof.

Brighter beam pattern

Whether you're looking for a brighter beam pattern or a more unique style, a new RGB headlight bulb is the answer. These LEDs offer an incredible 6,000 lumens per bulb, a cool white color temperature, and a focused beam pattern. They're also three times brighter than traditional halogen bulbs and can last up to 50,000 hours. This bulb is IP68 waterproof and has a powerful 12,000 RPM turbo cooling fan.

Boslla RGB is designed to work on both high and low beam headlights, and it can even switch between DRL and Headlight mode with a 1.2-second delay. It can also fit on the fog light, depending on the model. A perfect fit on both high and low beams is essential for safety, and this headlight bulb model offers it. You'll want to check your vehicle's manual to see exactly which type of bulb fits your car and what it can do for you.

Longer lifespan

LED headlight bulbs are known to be more durable than standard halogen bulbs. However, their lifespan is shorter than halogen bulbs because of the heat generated by the lights. If you frequently drive in warm conditions, you should avoid LED headlights because of their short lifespan. In addition, the heat from the headlights can damage the bulbs' diodes, which could reduce their overall lifespan.

LED headlight bulbs typically require an external cooling system. This is necessary because LEDs generate a great deal of heat while operating. Without proper cooling, LED headlight bulbs cannot last even 50,000 hours. Even with fans, it can still be expensive to replace a headlight bulb, so it is recommended to buy a high-quality LED kit instead. Such a replacement bulb may last as long as the life of the car.

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