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Connecting the LED Strip What do we need?

2022-02-23 14:31:31 0

Let's get started and see what we need to hook up the light strip though I'm hooking up an LED strip to wire almost any light you're going to put on your rig it could be a fog light it could be off - it could be yes, the street light led's are probably halogen so in front of you that's all you need in this kit with a nice wiring harness already built in fuse it also comes with a nice switch so if you really want you can connect it to your battery you will see they have everything set up for you and you can connect it to the switch hook it up to the light and you're good to go, you don't really have to do much you drill a hole for the switch you run some wires and you're done

But I like to run relays for anything that consumes a lot of power, so Electricity doesn't flow through the wires in the car cab, and relays are also a great way to prevent voltage dips, so you can get as high a voltage as possible.

The led light bar we have here is very convenient to install. Basically, it is easy to understand, and there is no need for a complicated process.

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