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How to deal with water mist or water in the car headlights?

2021-05-26 11:17:54 0

Many drivers will encounter water fog in the car headlights after the rain or after the car was washed. In fact, it is normal for the headlights of the car to enter the water and fog, and the owner does not need to worry too much. A large amount of heat is generated during the operation of the headlight, and there will be a vent hole for heat removal on the back cover of the headlight. The moisture in the air will enter the headlight through it and attach to the lampshade, forming water. The beads then flowed down the lampshade. This situation usually occurs in winter and rainy seasons.

How to deal with water mist or water in car led headlight bulbs? We should deal with it in two cases.

Headlight fogging

How to deal with water mist or water in the car headlights?

In the rainy season, heavy rain or winter, when the headlights are turned off and the temperature in the lamp group drops, the moisture in the air can easily enter the cavity of the lamp group through the ventilation holes. When the internal temperature of the lamp cavity of the headlight is unbalanced and the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the lampshade is too large, the water vapor in the humid air will condense on the surface of the inner lampshade, and it is usually concentrated in the lower half. In this case, we don’t need to do extra treatment. When the rain is clear, the water mist will dissipate. You can also turn on the headlights to speed up the water mist dissipation. Usually, after the car headlights are turned on for a period of time, the fog will pass through the air duct with the heat. It will not cause damage to the headlights and circuits if it is discharged outside the lamp.
When washing a car, we occasionally find that the car headlights are foggy. This is because the pressure of the water gun used by the car wash workers is too high or the headlights are blown for too long. Water vapor will enter the headlights under the action of pressure. Inside, it will also condense on the inner wall of the lamp cavity, causing water mist to appear on the inner wall of the lamp cavity. The same situation generally does not require special treatment, and the water mist will dissipate naturally.

Some car owners may ask, if the car headlights are fogged, can we use a dryer to bake the surface of the headlights? The answer is no, because most of the current headlight lampshades of car models are made of special plastic. If the baking temperature is too high, it will easily cause the headlights to age and yellow, or even crack directly when cold.

Headlights flooded

How to deal with water mist or water in the car headlights?

The water in the headlight is different from the fog of the headlight. The water droplets on the inner wall of the lampshade will not evaporate for a long time after the headlight enters the water. Serious water will accumulate in the lamp cavity. If you find this phenomenon, you should go to a professional store to dismantle it as soon as possible. service. There are many reasons for headlights flooding, the main ones are:

1.Blocked headlight vents

When the ventilation holes of our headlights are blocked, the air cannot circulate normally, and the speed of natural water evaporation will slow down, and the blocking of the ventilation holes is not conducive to the release of the pressure generated by the high temperature in the lamp cavity, and the long time will accelerate the aging of the lampshade. The lampshade burst.
The headlights are not tightly sealed
Some vehicles may have imperfections in the headlights when they leave the factory, so excessive water will flow into the lampshade along the gaps during rain and car washing. However, there are very few cases where the factory headlights are not tightly sealed. More often, the secondary sealing of the headlights is not done well when we modify the lens and bulb of the vehicle and replace the headlights of the vehicle. Therefore, when we modify and replace the car headlights, we must pay special attention to the sealing of the car headlights.

2.Damaged headlight shade

The speed of the vehicle on the road is very fast, sometimes splashing stones or foreign objects hitting the headlights is inevitable, sometimes we just look at the surface of the headlights and there is no problem, but if there are small cracks in the lampshade, the same is true. It will cause the headlights to be not tightly sealed and the headlights to enter water. Therefore, our vehicles must be carefully checked after being hit by foreign objects to ensure that they are safe.
The design problem of the headlight itself
Headlights often fog up, which is related to the design of the headlights. For example, the lampshade area is too small, the vent position is not correct, and the material of the lampshade, etc. will become the inducement for the headlights to fog. But this is a small probability event after all, and you don't need to worry too much.


For car headlights fogging, just go with the flow. If the car headlights are flooded, pay attention! Water in the headlights will not only affect the line of sight of the lights and drive safety, but also accelerate the aging of the headlights, and even cause the headlights to short-circuit. When you find water in the headlights, please go to a professional store to deal with it in time to ensure driving safety!

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