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How to Set Up A Planting Tent?

2021-10-25 15:53:35 0

  Summary: This is a guide that will tell you what items and materials to purchase and how they all work together. It also includes suggestions of what grow tents to buy, grow lights, grow lamps and grow lamp reflectors. If you think there is something I am missing or some advice that can be helpful to future readers of this article please let me know in the comments section of the post so I can improve on it!


So for your grow tent you will need to find one. The cheapest grow tent tend not to be very sturdy due to its thin fabric material but it still serves its purpose well enough. If you are just starting out with growing then go for a cheaper grow tent because you might fail at this grow and you don't want to be out too much money. If you grow several times a year or all of your grows are successful then it is not worth the risk of having to buy grow tents for every grow. You can get grow tents on Amazon here:   Grow Tent



 grow light – this is going to depend on what size grow space you have as well as how hot your grow tent tends to get during its normal operation hours (12 or more). The bigger and hotter your grow tent gets the higher watt grow light you will need. watt grow lights can range from 150 watts all the way up to 600 watts. I do not recommend using grow lights that are rated under 150 watts unless they are paired with grow lamps (which I will cover later in the post). Also, make sure to get grow light bulbs that are either LED or CFL grow light bulbs. There is information on grow lamp packaging that tells you what kind of grow lamp it is so don't just go by wattage.

        grow lamp holder – typically either a clamp style or hanging style grow lamp holder works well for most types of grow lights but the type you choose will depend on your grow set-up in particular and also personal preference.

        grow lamp reflector – grow lamp reflectors are a must have item, you simply cannot grow plants successfully without grow lamp reflectors so I would not even bother trying. grow lamps produce a good amount of heat and grow light reflectors help to dissipate the heat as well as increase your grow lights' intensity. There are many different styles of grow lamp reflectors on the market including ones that hang from your grow light, sit on top of your grow light, clip onto your grow light and more. For most standard size grow lights you can find one that will work for you but if you have some really big or odd shaped grow lights then it may be best to make a custom buy for a specific type of reflector depending on what kind works best for you given your grow set-up.

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