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LED Beam Angle

2022-06-21 16:21:19 0

Lights from lamps can not cover the whole space due to its lighting angle which determines the lighting scope is limited. There will be unique effect if we adopt 3 bulbs with same power but different beam angles to irradiate a statue.

Ok, then what is beam angle ?

Colloquially speaking, beam angle means the angle under which light source or lamp irradiates, or the angle formed by the boundary of a certain intensity range of the beam. Two ways in definition, angles formed by 50% or 10% central light intensity.

What dose beam angle matter with spot ?

The most intuitive performance of beam angle on the illuminated surface is the spot and illuminance. For the light applied in different reflectors, the more big beam angle it is, the central light intensity is more weak; the more big the spot it is, the less illuminance it can get. Conversely, small beam angle can bring strong central light intensity and small spot brings big illuminance.

In addition, different beam angles are adopted in live applications.

Lamps with relatively small beam angle can get things highlighted in a long distance. But if lighting for regular household usage, picking the lamps with big beam angle can bring good effects.

Suggestions to alternative light sources as below:

  1. Bare bulbs irradiation.

In such application, it is easy to feel the sense of space oppression if only the beam angle is too narrow which can not get the ceiling fully lighted. Thus big angle can bring a bright and comfortable space.

  1. Regular lighting.

In the early days, the original lamps were optically designed according to the incandescent lamps, so that the luminous effect could reach the best. It might take poor performance if we exchange LED lights which owns totally different beam angle with incandescent lamps. In current market, almost lamps can hardly reach 200 degrees in beam angle, but it is 330 degrees for incandescent lights.

Thereby, as manufacturers, we need to strictly demand ourselves with high standards, and put all our efforts into every process and every components to ensure the quality of each LED Headlight Bulb, so that consumers can really enjoy lighting technology.

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