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Low Heat Dissipation Efficiency: Traditional LED Lighting Equipment Such As Street Lamps Requires A Lot of High Power

2021-10-21 10:32:10 0

In recent years, incandescent bulbs or high-power LEDs have been widely used as light sources for lighting equipment. Because incandescent bulbs have disadvantages such as high power consumption, low light efficiency, and short service life, they are gradually replaced by LED light sources in many applications. Compared with LED incandescent bulbs, LEDs have the advantages of high efficiency, low power consumption, and long service life.

Although the above-mentioned traditional LED lighting device can provide lighting for the street, the LED lighting device still has some shortcomings:
1. Difficulty in maintenance: Because the high-power LED modules are welded on the aluminum circuit board, when one of the high-power LED modules fails, ordinary people cannot use simple tools such as welding to replace the damaged module, but professionalism is necessary of. The technician disconnects the aluminum circuit board, and then sends the entire aluminum circuit board together with the high-power LED module or the whole set of street lights to the factory for fixation. So the maintenance cost is high.
2. Low heat dissipation efficiency: Traditional LED lighting equipment such as street lamps requires a large number of high-power LED modules to provide enough light. However, high-power LED modules generate a lot of heat when they are started. When the heat of each module is transferred to the heat dissipation base, it will cause double heat accumulation and bring a heavy load to the heat dissipation base.
Since the LED lighting device is installed in a high position, the aluminum circuit board and the heat dissipation base are usually limited by size and weight. Due to this limitation, if the heat dissipation base is not properly designed, it is difficult for the LED lighting device to effectively dissipate heat. Therefore, high-power LED modules run at high temperatures without effective heat dissipation, which may eventually cause equipment failures, and may also cause other electronic components on the circuit board to overheat and shorten the service life.
3. Limited lighting area: Traditional LED lighting equipment provides a considerable circular lighting area. The luminous intensity of the circular lighting zone decreases as it leaves the center of the lighting zone. As a street lamp, in order to meet the requirements of street lamps, an oval lighting area is required. Therefore, the structure of the aluminum circuit board and the heat dissipation base must be changed. This design may require a large number of different molds and high cost to meet the structure of different types of lighting areas.

LED Headlight Bulb are different. The built-in fan has high heat dissipation efficiency, low power consumption and long service life.

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