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The best way to dissipate heat from led headlight kit

2021-05-27 10:18:22 0

The era of automobiles is constantly advancing, both in terms of models and performance. Automotive led lights are a highlight, and the current led technology is widely used in automotive lights, which is a major improvement in lighting.
Since the 1990s of the last century, automotive LED lights have begun to replace xenon lamps and become a new lighting technology for high-end automobile manufacturers. The application of LEDs is obvious to all, which is a trend in the future automotive lighting market. More energy-saving and safer, this is a very good reason why LED is suitable for automotive lighting.

But there are still some modified car owners who are worried about its heat dissipation performance, because the best performance of the LED can be achieved by ensuring the heat dissipation.
The question is how to dissipate heat to achieve the best results?
Next, I will introduce you to two major methods of LED heat dissipation: passive heat dissipation and active heat dissipation.

The first type: passive cooling

Through the design of the radiator itself, the heat energy generated during the LED lighting process is dispersed, such as natural convection, through the radiator and the air to make direct contact, the air around the radiator absorbs heat into hot air, and then the hot air rises and becomes cold. When the air drops, it will naturally drive the air to produce convection to achieve the effect of heat dissipation.

You can choose an LED headlight kit with a copper braid for heat dissipation, or an LED headlight kit with a radiator for heat dissipation.

(copper braid for heat dissipation)


(radiator for heat dissipation)


The second type: active cooling

It is through some design outside the system to disperse the heat generated by the LED lighting process. Active cooling can be divided into air cooling, liquid cooling, heat pipe cooling, semiconductor cooling, chemical cooling and so on.You can also choose the LED headlight kit that uses a fan to dissipate heat.
Different from the conventional cooling methods such as fans and copper braids on the market, Chuangxinjia LED h13 led headlight bulbs are made of high-tech aviation aluminum, vacuum copper ducts, high-speed cooling fans and other materials, which can quickly transfer the high temperature of the lamp beads to the base for heat dissipation. The chip and fan ensure the best working temperature of the LED lamp beads, maximize the luminous efficiency and service life of the LED, and solve the heat dissipation problem that car owners are concerned about.

The best way to dissipate heat from LED headlight kits

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