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Why pay attention to LED headlight bulbs when driving at night?

2021-06-03 12:01:28 0

Have you noticed that when you drive at night, you can hardly see anyone turning on the lights in the car? Do you know why?

In fact, the reason why the lights are not turned on in the car at night should be explained by using the physical knowledge we learned in the beginning. There is a term called "mirror imaging principle". When the car is driving at night, after the lights in the cab are turned on, the brightness of the lights in the car It is much higher than the outside of the car. At this time, the mirror effect of the front glass is far greater than the light transmission effect for the driver. To put it simply, the front windshield directly becomes a mirror. When the driver looks up to the front, it is as if he is looking in the mirror. The road conditions ahead are basically not clear, which is not conducive to safe driving.

Therefore, you must pay attention to driving at night, and do not turn on the interior lights for a long time to avoid the mirror effect of the front glass.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, attention should be paid to the rational use of headlights when driving at night.
When the road conditions are complex, you need to switch the lights in time. Poor illumination will greatly affect your driving safety. Chuangxinjia LED headlight bulbs have two illumination methods: high beam or low beam, with strong lighting brightness, even low beam can meet your lighting requirements.

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