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Little Knowledge of Plant Tent-7

2021-11-18 13:57:21 0

The tent can better control the various factors of plant growth: temperature, humidity, light intensity, etc. You can find the green source of plastic cement to make plants grow better and healthier! Plant tents can grow all kinds of plants indoors, regardless of land area.

10x10 grow tent

Now let's talk about planting well-ventilated tents. Traditional planting tents have poor ventilation effects, cannot detect and control the humidity in the tent, and cannot provide the best growing environment. The harsh environment may cause the plants in the tent to wither. Due to a large amount of economic losses, the existing technology does not combine environmental protection technology with the tent. We began to integrate solar energy resources, such as tent incandescent lamps and temperature and humidity sensors to provide electricity, wasting a lot of resources.
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The technical problem to be solved is to overcome the shortcomings of the existing technology and provide a plant tent with good ventilation effect, photovoltaic power generation panels, vents and induced draft fans, incandescent lamps, and humidifiers. Install the battery pack temperature, and solve the existing technical problems by setting the humidity sensor connection. Is it worth planting a tent? The equipment is small in size, widely used, environmentally friendly, and can provide the best growth environment for the growth of each plant.

10x10 grow tent

The new type of planting tent with good ventilation effect includes plant tent and plant tent stage. The side panels of the light guide tent are respectively provided. The photovoltaic power generation panels are installed on both sides and adjacent sides of the side panels of the light guide tent. Connect photovoltaic power generation panels and install energy storage packages. The induced draft fan is installed on the adjacent two sides of the side panel of the light guide tent. An incandescent lamp is installed on the top of the tent of the Baolin factory. The bottom of the hydraulic rod is connected with the hydraulic cylinder at the bottom of the quadrilateral of the plant tent. The bottom of the hydraulic cylinder is provided with a tent mounting seat, which is located under the photovoltaic power generation board of the tent mounting seat, and is equipped with a temperature and humidity sensor. Install a plant tent in the tent. The seat is equipped with a plant tent, and there are vents between the plant tent installation seats at the bottom of the machine room, which is located in the plant tent of the tent installation seat, and is equipped with a humidifier.

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