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LED Strips Can be Installed There

2021-08-06 11:35:08 0

LED strips are becoming more and more popular for lighting up surfaces. Strip single row LED light bar is often installed in places that need dynamic illumination such as commercial premises and the garage, and single rows of LED lights make an excellent solution also for private homes. These single row led light bars are usually single colored (cool white or warm white) but some models offer changeable colors if needed (RGB). Led single row light bars to differ in maximum length, dimensions, and power consumption.

The warm White single row led light bar: a very useful basic model suitable also to highlight the entrance hall or other areas where normally only ambient lighting is used with greater intensity. Often this type of single row led strip is available at low cost because it has been replaced and single row led strip became a kind of outdated product.

The single-row led light bar can be the solution even for commercial purposes. For example, single rows of LEDs can be installed above or below the counter in small shops. In this way it is possible to create a more dynamic lighting and space that has an impact on customers who enter your store, making them stay longer, increasing sales.

It is also possible to install single-row LED lights beneath cabinets in kitchens or living rooms where the brightness will not hurt eyes after prolonged use. The single-color white Led single row light bar may become very useful to highlight particular areas or draw attention with special effects (flashing / breathing).

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