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Will changing LED car lights hurt your eyes?

2021-06-21 14:37:37 0

Will changing LED lights hurt your eyes?


No!! A good led car light will only protect your safety. Clight will testify to you what a good LED car light is.

Within 30 meters, the light needs to be wide enough to be able to see the entire road, including non-motorized vehicles and pedestrians on both sides 30 meters to 60 meters, can be illuminated to help find the situation ahead early, while avoiding the impact on others, namely "Anti-glare"

What are the hazards of not good car lights?

According to statistics, 25% of the total mileage of the vehicle was driven at night and under the condition of insufficient natural light, while the traffic accidents that caused personal injury accounted for 33% of the total accidents; and 50% of fatal accidents occurred in at night. Ninety percent of the driving process information comes from vision. Unqualified car lights not only fail to provide good lighting for the driver, but also easily dazzle other road users and cause traffic accidents.

Recently, Clight launched a brand-new H11 LED Headlight Bulb, using high-brightness LED light beads, the quality is more stable; a systematic design, smaller size, with stronger heat dissipation effect; closer to the original car light type, making night travel safer .

Will changing LED car lights hurt your eyes?

The Clight LED car light series have more accurate luminous flux, higher luminous efficiency utilization, stronger paving sense, longer illuminance, and more uniform radiation outwards. The tangent is clean and obvious, and the illumination on both sides is wide enough, like this

Will changing LED car lights hurt your eyes?

Although the brightness of LED car lights is brighter than that of halogen lights, the tangent is the same, and there is no such thing as glaring eyes. The Clight LED car light series not only increases the brightness of the original car lights by 110%, but also reduces the fatigue of the car owner and improves the comfort. Therefore, refitting LED car lights does not necessarily hurt the eyes. LEDs with a good light type will only be brighter, farther and safer.

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