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The cooling method of LED car lights

2021-05-18 10:31:15 0

LED car lights have won the favor of the majority of car owners due to its features such as no delay in starting, high brightness, low power consumption, and long life. There are three common cooling methods for LED car lights. as follows:

First, radiator cooling method

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This kind of heat dissipation method of LED car lights is the most stable and uses heat conduction to dissipate heat. At the beginning of the design of the car light, the power of the car light, the amount of heat generation, and the required heat dissipation area and heat dissipation efficiency have been calculated. The design of the radiator is directly linked to the power of the LED car light. The greater the power, the greater the heat, so the radiator needs to be larger. Since the heat dissipation of the radiator is the most stable, why use other radiators for heat dissipation? It depends on the installation space. Many models are compact in space. The radiator part of the radiator for the LED car lamp is relatively large, and it is difficult to "install" in a car with a dust cover. If the radiator is made smaller, the power will be reduced accordingly. If you put the radiator into the dust cover and lose the advantage of brightness, then the lighting upgrade is nonsense. Therefore, the braided belt heat dissipation and fan heat dissipation are derived.

Second, the braided belt heat dissipation method

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The braided LED car lights not only solve the installation problem, but also solve the heat dissipation problem. However, some manufacturer use aluminum foil to replace the braid, which reduces the heat dissipation and installation effect, and also requires higher professionalism for the installer.


Third, the fan cooling method

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Fan heat dissipation from the initial oil-sealed fan to hydraulic fan to today's ball fan, the quality is more and more stable, has become the best partner for LED car lights.
Its structural design is more compact and smaller in size. It can basically be installed into the headlight assembly without breaking the dust cover. Moreover, some fan-cooled LED led light bar for truck have even surpassed the brightness of xenon lamps.
But brightness is a double-edged sword. While improving driving safety lighting, it also affects "driving safety". Therefore, when we choose and install better lights, we must also regulate our own lighting behavior. Please turn off the high beam in urban areas with street lights and when there are no street lights.


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